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An Opinion Piece: The Maltese Prejudice Against the State School

Something I would like to voice that has been bothering me for a while is the misconception people have of state schools. During discussions with regard to motivation, access to technology and other such issues in relation to students, it has frequently been the case that the argument has been presented as follows:

“While teachers who are placed in church schools and private schools may not have these problems, it is different when you come into contact with teachers who are placed in state schools where students are perhaps less inclined to learn and study.” (in my own words)

While throughout my life I have had to deal with these judgemental and generalising attitudes, I think it is imperative to raise awareness also with regard to the delivery of such opinions. Having a Bachelor’s Degree and soon a Master’s Degree does not in any way imply that I was in no way connected to a state school. In reality, I have never in my entire life stepped foot into a church school or private school classroom. I believe I had capable teachers throughout my life, who always did their best to motivate us and to deliver their subjects in the most understandable way possible.

There is nothing disadvantaged or underprivileged about children who study and learn in state schools. I am one of those children and I believe it is a great form of disrespect both to those like me but most especially to the dedicated teachers I had to just assume that there was anything less formative or of a lower quality in the education I received.

While I do not expect everyone to agree with my point of view, I do implore anyone who sticks to reading this post to please measure the words they use and keep in mind that it is up to individual aptitude, potential and motivation. Please keep an open mind and realise that it does not matter which school you have attended. What matters is that in some way or another it has aided in your formative years, whether in an academic way or in terms of personal and social development.

A school is a school and a teacher is a teacher. There is no price tag which can prove the quality of either, and definitely no price tag which can give or take anything to or from the value of a student. Each one is, in the eyes of their teacher, priceless.


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