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Question 1: in a few words, tell us, your readers, a little bit about yourself.

I am first and foremost a writer, but I am also a cat-lover, chocoholic, bundle of puns and joy. My greatest aspirations in life are to travel, to become a published author, and to build a family, along with having several and several cats. I dream of sleeping underneath the Aurora Borealis and of eating the chocolate cake from Matilda.

Question 2: What is your story Loving Lucifer, about?

Loving Lucifer is a first person narrative told by Catherine Adamson, whom we get to know as Kate. It is a supernatural romance but is built on multiple dimensions, including family, friendship, and war. When Kate meets Lucién, she has no idea of what world she has stumbled into, but their connection is instant. Throughout the story we explore the dynamics of love…

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